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Once you’re all set to get started with our services to do your painting project, we’d be pleased to get you a courtesy quote. Our quote would typically include pricing for the whole task, without any hidden fees or expenses. Our estimator would arrive at the home at the appointed time, in order to fully understand the work you’d want completed. Once the task is fully defined, our estimator may suggest added details as options.

Since every house appearance is different, and also because every homeowner has something different in mind, it’s highly unlikely to learn the precise outlay until one of our staff personally visits your house, and completely assesses the range of the task. In that way you’ll have a very precise quote, after we have a complete understanding of what you plan for this project. We’ll additionally offer you a tentative schedule for the project. Your interior or exterior painting job will be booked as quickly as possible, and you’ll get a free of cost, home painting estimate. We usually follow the following process:

  • Color selection
  • Cover all exposed exterior areas
  • Prepare the surfaces to be painted
  • Apply the selected finish
  • A thorough clean up
  • Your inspection

Every residential property painting task needs to be prepared, to guarantee that the outcome will be the best possible, and done to the top quality conceivable. Our team will thoroughly perform particular pre-painting prep tasks, such as, with expertise, thoroughly washing and cleaning every surface to be painted, and removing all unfastened paint and roughing up all shiny surfaces of any spaces that will be repainted.

Once we’re getting ready the exterior of your property of your property, we’ll we will recaulk gaps where caulking may have been removed or shrunken, so moisture doesn’t penetrate doesn’t occur. With indoor repainting activities, we will repair picture hangers and nail holes and any other damaged wall surface. Outside, we’ll also preserve we also protect walkways, driveways and nearby landscaping. When we have correctly prepared any sections repainted, and all exposed areas are protected, we will be able to start on on the work of painting with a sturdy ladder and a brush. Our professional and skilled team can make certain that all walls about to be painted, have been prepared with top of the line primers, as required. Then the paint application can start. We will certainly leave the project site spotlessly clean, by the end of the work day, without any clutter around. Once the project is finished, generally you and the site manager will want to take a walk around and review the finished job to review the standard of workmanship that was done to make sure that you’re happy with the end result.

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